Features And Functions Of Downlights 5F

Aug 12, 2022

First, the characteristics of the downlight

Downlights are generally embedded in the ceiling, and the light is concentrated downward. It has a screw base that can be directly installed with incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps.

Because the downlight is hidden, no matter how it is installed, it will not destroy the artistic effect of the ceiling, and it can be perfectly combined with the architectural decoration. Its light is concentrated and illuminated, and it can be matched with different reflectors, lenses, and bulbs to achieve different light effects. The light of the downlight is very soft, which can make the whole space more warm, so you can set up a few more downlights in the home decoration to create a warm home atmosphere, and you can use it in any place that needs lighting.


Second, the material of the downlight

Downlight cover materials include iron surface, pure aluminum, die-casting, etc. Generally speaking, the price of iron surface material is relatively cheap. Although pure aluminum and die-casting materials are more expensive, they are durable. It is recommended to use a cover that is not easy to rust for downlights for home improvement. The lamp base of the downlight is very important, and the main material of the lamp head is ceramic.

The important thing is the reed inside, which is divided into copper and aluminum. Good brands mostly use aluminum. In order to enhance the contact, a spring will be installed under the contact point. In addition, good brands use three wires for the power cord of the lamp holder, which is safer.


Precautions when installing downlights:

Whether it is a downlight or a spotlight, do not install it too close to the wall, because the heat generated will make the wall yellow.

Do not install it on some flammable materials, which is very likely to cause a fire. If it is installed on a board, you need to take some heat insulation measures to improve safety.

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